Blessed are the Meek

Seeing Eye Dog

As we’ve been going awesomely slow in Luke, studying Jesus’ life, its been really cool seeing how Jesus was human as well as God. He dealt with so much of what we go through every day, but because He was God we forget He was human too.

Something that Jesus practiced every day was harnessing his powers, or in other words knowing when to use the skills/powers that God gave him. The first example we really see of this is when Satan tempts Him to change rocks into bread and show His authority. He resisted and knew he had to keep His power and authority inside because that wouldn’t have been glorifying to God.

We studied the “Beatitudes” last Tuesday, and I feel that we are going to be going through them for quite a while because there is so much greatness within Jesus’ first ever sermon. And honestly, even in my life, I’ve often just passed over this section without really thinking about each statement.

Each time Jesus says “Blessed”, it is a deep, important statement He is making. In our first look into this sermon by Jesus, we talked about “Blessed are the meek.”

MEEK DOES NOT EQUAL WEAK. Not many of us had thought much about the word meek before, and when I asked what that word meant to the group, some said “putting others first”. This is talked about later in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, but that’s not what meek means. It means that we are submitting our human will to the will of God, and only using our “strength” in Godly ways. It means STRENGTH UNDER CONTROL.

The example that came to mind was a seeing-eye dog, especially a German Shepherd seeing-eye dog. German Shepherds are BIG, powerful dogs. At Christmas about 4-5 years ago, my cat Zoe was around a big German Shepherd dog named Riggs for two straight days. Riggs was part of a K-9 unit, a very well trained dog, very kind. She kept teasing him though, getting as close as possible and then running away. Finally, she got too close to him and she was inches from getting her head bit off as this dog’s huge jaws were lightning quick. I got to see Riggs’ power up close.

German Shepherds can be very aggressive. One report in the late 90s said that German Shepherds are responsible for more reported bitings than any other breed out there. You know who else can be very aggressive, impatient and hurtful? Humans.

But this dog that can be very aggressive is used to be the eyes of many blind people thoughout this country. They are composed, alert, and have been trained to constantly be listening/watching/reacting to what their master needs. They use only what skills are necessary to be a servant to its master and have harnessed all of their aggression so that they can best be alert for its masters’ needs. They have been trained for a specific role. Think about how much more worth a seeing-eye dog or K-9 dog has than an untrained German Shepherd has.

So does this mean the dog will never let some of that aggression come out? Absolutely not. God created these dogs to have great strength. If it needs to protect what it has been trained to protect, it will use that strength to protect by any means necessary.

I love this example. God created each of us with a specific skill set, but we aren’t born knowing exactly how to use that skill set for Him. We have to train. We have to get in the Word, we have to pray, we have to listen to His instruction and learn how to control our skills and our strength. We put GOD first, and let him tell us how to use our strengths.

It takes work. But something that we are going to stress over and over and over and over and over again (yes, you will be sick of me saying it, ha) is that God’s blessings are awesome and complete. We, in this world, focus so much on “happiness”, but God’s blessings are beyond that. And when we make ourselves like the German Shepherd pictured above and let God use our strengths how HE wants to.

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