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Hello Ladies!

We had our Paint N’ Sip last week and the turn out was great! I think most of us were pleasantly surprised with how easy our instructor made it. I was sure I would be laughing at my finished piece, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it turned out pretty well for my first attempt at painting! We will be doing another one as everyone loved it!

This past week, I’ve been in “Mommy Land”. You know…that place you go where your only identity is MOM and all things revolve around your kids. You start counting down until bedtime to find it doesn’t come when you hope and doesn’t last nearly long enough for you to catch your breath. Yah…I call that Mommy Land. Sick kids coupled with summer break seem to make the stay longer. 😉 All of us visit there from time to time and it may not be just Moms. We all have things that demand our attention. Its easy to lose track of our intentions and God’s intentions when we feel a bit overwhelmed. This is just a reminder to take a step back, take a deep breath, pray, lean on Him, and be intentional.

Sharon shared a great message along these lines back in March at our Arise breakfast. Her words were a nice reminder of what our roles, specifically as mothers, are. Marie shared her take away on what Sharon shared and it is good to revisit this, so below you will find Marie’s take on this thing called mothering…

I would like to elaborate on what Sharon shared. Here’s the skinny of what she shared. We, as mothers, set the tone for the household. What she chose to do for her family, was to have freshly baked cookies for the kids’ snack when they returned home from school. The kids loved that familiar smell and the tradition that Sharon set. They felt loved, thought of, special, and safe. They even remember that familiar smell to this day; many years later. Here are my extended thoughts on what she shared and what I took away from it. I don’t have to bake cookies every day, but it is my responsibility to set the tone for my kids when they get home. I want my home to be a safe place for them to talk about their day and share ANYTHING on their minds. If my house is in chaos, the kids feel it, and there is un-needed tension in the house. There is a spiritual fragrance I want my kids to “smell”. I want there to be a peace that only God can provide. I want to help direct my kids to think on spiritual things. (Phil 4:8) While pondering on what Sharon shared, I found this verse and fell in love with it. “For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we see light” (Psalm 36:9). I want light in my house and the spiritual fragrance of the Holy Spirit!

My prayer for all of you is that the light of His love burn brightly in your homes.

Have a wonderful week friends!

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  1. This is great! My kids are older and I still find myself in mommy land looking for an escape. =) But Tiff is right, it can be anything…work, laundry, ministry, a sick family member, moving, etc. Through ALL the seasons and every day we need to be with Him! When we are in His presence, everything else seems to work together. We find ourselves operating and flowing in more peace, patience, love and grace. Lord, let the fragrance of our homes be Your fragrance as we put you first! Love you ladies!

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