Our Service

irc_service_woman_child_praiseWhen you visit Impact Rock Church, we hope you feel welcomed, are touched by God, strengthened by His Word, and have a good time (yes, church should indeed be fun).

We believe that IMPACT ROCK is a place where people can:

•    Hear the Word of God in an inspiring yet simple way
•    Worship Jesus with anointed and enjoyable music
•    Call it home and develop strong relationships with others
•    Grow in their spiritual giftings and be used of God in ministry
•    Be a part of an excited, growing church that loves Jesus and people
•    Be themselves

We hope you feel a glimpse of these things at IRC.  If so, and you feel like this might be a place that could be “home”, then we want to invite you to come back and let our Lead Pastors know.

However, if Impact Rock isn’t the place for you, then be encouraged that God does have a church home for you and we pray that He will lead you there soon.  We are in relationship with the other churches in Erie (and beyond) and would love to direct you to one that might be the right fit for you, so please let us know if we can help in this way.

Thanks again for worshipping Jesus with us, and for visiting Impact Rock.  We hope to see you again soon.

At Impact Rock Church,  We believe in “giving room for the Holy Spirit”, which simply means this…  Although we prayerfully and thoughtfully plan our church service, we always allow God to “interrupt” our agenda (after all, it’s HIS church).  That said, here is our normal order of service:

•       9:55AM     5-Minute Pre-Service Countdown
•     10:00AM     Praise and Worship/Service Begins
•     10:35AM     Children Released to Teachers/Class.  Greet One Another Before Being Seated
•     10:38AM     Announcements
•     10:45AM     Teaching of God’s Word
•      11:30AM     Closing Prayer/End of Service