Why Saturdays?

irc_ticketDo Sunday mornings feel like this?  You wake up not quite early enough, trying to get to church on time.  You scramble to get dressed, cram down some breakfast and run out the door, all the while hoping to get to church early enough to find a parking space that’s not a mile away.

Going to church definitely shouldn’t sound like this.  So why wake up early and endure this Sunday morning mayhem?  Join us on Saturday nights.  You’re already awake and on your A-game and God is perfectly fine with you going to church on Saturday and resting on Sunday.

Give Saturday nights and IMPACT ROCK CHURCH a try.  We don’t care what you’re wearing and church gets out at 6:30, just in time to get your grub on.

We love Jesus, we love our great town of Erie, and we love that we are called to introduce one to the other.  And getting to relax with our families on Sundays, while watching a little football, ain’t too shabby either.